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N.W.B.A. member needs help

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Hi Gentlemen,


     I have enlisted in the hammer time build for this spring conference. My smithy is very small and I am not equipped in the tools required to forge this hammer. 


     I have chosen to forge a Brian Breazeal style hammer. This is my first hammer forging ever so I will be learning a lot and want to take it on a fun but serious note. 


     My main problem is that I don't know anyone in my area that is into blacksmithing. If you would like to help me or know of someone who might be interested please let me know A.S.A.P. 


      Saint Helens, Oregon

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You should go see Rashelle. She can help you immensely. Making a hammer is simple, but there is a lot of details. If not taken into consideration, a one hour job can turn into a job that never gets done. Rashelle came here earlier this year, and she has all the tools to make the tools. The hammer is one of the simplest to make. It's just a little bit larger than the other tools. The NWBA also has a striking anvil at their clubhouse from when Alec Steele demonstrated at their Spring Conference. Another member named Tracy (I'm not sure if it's ok to use his full name) got the other striking anvil they made for the auction, and he also came here earlier this year and has all the tools you'll need.

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Thank you for the quick response everyone, I am impressed. 


           Rashelle, I want to say thank you for the invitation and I cant wait to meet you =-).... I'll try to figure out how to personal message you on this site. I do have some questions for you.


           Brian, Thank you for the recommendation, coming from you it means a lot.

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My main problem is that I don't know anyone in my area that is into blacksmithing.

On another occasion, a post was made on IForgeIron for a blacksmith, as there were none in South Africa. The response came back that there was a blacksmith who lived 20 miles away and worked in the same town, in South Africa.

IForgeIron is a physical resource as well as an information resource. You just located people and tools in your area willing to help. Thank you for using IForgeIron. We are happy to have assisted in your project.
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If you are an NWBA member, we have a permanent site at Longview, in the Cowlitz Expo Center.  The next open forge is Jan 25.  Check the NWBA site for the dates and times.  I haven't been yet, but it looks to be fun.  The Spring conference is May 14-18, at the same place, don't miss it.




NWBA member since 1985 (ish)

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