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  1. Hi Glenn, I was wondering if you have any of your black IFI shirts with the big anvil on the back. If so how much? Thank you
  2. Oregon Duck

    20140520 170531 Android

    A fresh coat of flat black and the blower hooked up that i scored from NWBA in longview,Wa
  3. Oregon Duck

    20140520 161137 Android

    not the best pic but yall get the point!
  4. Oregon Duck

    20140414 162242 Android

    I got a lancaster #40 hooked up to it now. it is hard to take off the cap even after forging.
  5. Oregon Duck

    20140414 162314 Android

    thx, got it welded on the bottom! =) big save!
  6. Oregon Duck

    20140414 162314 Android

    Im going to put a plate with holes drilled in it for airflow. Will clinkers form and block the airflow? Where can I find 10" spiral pipe for venting?
  7. Oregon Duck

    20140414 162242 Android

    Im using this method for the air and ash.
  8. Oregon Duck

    20140412 172340 Android

    My Coal forge in the making. I used an old hot water tank metal pan for the table.
  9. Oregon Duck

    20140502 143339 Android

    After my first time playing with this I realised why the holes on other ones are ground down on the hole edges. Now they are a lot more like ovals...
  10. Oregon Duck

    20140502 143314 Android

    My first attempt at a guillotine. It is welded to a 1" solid stock for my hardie.
  11. Oregon Duck

    5# of 1095

    Thank you for your advice. It is very helpful.
  12. Oregon Duck

    I.N.B.A. Anvil

    do tell if you have or know where to find a good quality anvil for sale. I have been looking but no luck at all.
  13. Oregon Duck

    PW Anvil2

    is this for sale?