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Rust Proofing shotgun barrel rings


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Hi folks, I was given an old stevens single shot 12ga that is way beyond repair so I cut off the bit at the end with the bead sight hole and forged it into a ring. I polished it to 2000 grit and put Blue Wonder cold blue on it. I looks super cool (post a pic later today) but it has turned my finger rust orange. Is there a silver solder or something that can be applied to prevent this?

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I like Rich's idea with a footnote:

If you over sized appropriately, the inside silver layer could then be machined to the proper fit. Perhaps you could even go a step further and make the inside thick enough to create a two tone ring i.e. inside a different color than outside maybe machining the edge to a dull bevel (so it won't cut the wearer) to show the two layers better.

Just a brainstorm worth approximately only 2¢


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Actually a quite thin dead soft silver liner can be made---cut a strip of silver and bend it into a pipe a bit longer than the ring and silver solder it and then slide it in the ring and burnish it up along the sides.  Should last for years with normal wear and tear and easy to replace when/if it does wear out.


This is rather trivial; but many comunity colleges have jewelry making classes that one can enroll in or ask a student to do so as a project.


Note that such classes are generally excellent training for making knife and scabbard fittings as well

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