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I Forge Iron

New Ladle.

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Hey ya'll, I know I've not been showing much work recently, haven't been getting a lot done in the shop unfortunately, but I did yesterday finish up this ladle.



Same specs as the last one a year or so ago, handforged steel, hot oiled finish, and a curly maple handle.


All we need now is a big ole pot of chili.  :D














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Thanks ya'll, really glad you like it.

Jim, I made the handle and bowl out of the same piece of steel.  Although the next one I make I plan on trying to either rivet or weld on a different handle.





was it sheet that you cut out?

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Nice ladle, Jim brings the Rolaids I'll bring corn bread. Cutting the blank out of sheet isn't cheating, you don't really think a "traditional" blacksmith would forge the sheet out of bar stock if s/he didn't HAVE to do you?


Well done Stephan.


Frosty The Lucky.

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