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?? ANY Hot Glass Smith's Here ?


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I am wondering if there are any glass smiths among us in are blacksmiths group on IFI ??


Why do you ask well I have the need for all things HOT !! :o & I am looking @ / working on setting

up a lamp working station for larger stuff to go with my metal working down the line

I am a newbie to this kind of work ! yet I am not LOL ! :wub:

In all that I do smithing welding & other stuff art wise its steering me to PLAY with glass :)

also as a kid I always watched the glass blower ! WAY !!! before I got the NEED for STEEL

more or less my parents had to drag me away LOL from the glass blower so its time to play !!!!

and learn !! glass


Now if threes enough interest in glass here maybe Glen will set up a page for glass smiths ??


What do you think ?


PS anyone know of any good sites to look @ another then Melting Pot looking for live chatroom

for glass to learn ?


OK Frosty I know you're  in LOL :D


Steve's Welding & Blacksmithing


We do not actually set up sections to start posts, rather we create sections to hold existing topics that are large enough to warrant it, to make for easier location.

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I think Bill Roberts is here somewhere but doesn't post often. He does torch work amongst other cool stuff. I don't know if he teaches lamp work but I'm sure he's in the loop and can give you a name or sixty.  http://www.customdesignmetalarts.com/about.html


Tell him Frostilio sent you, not that it'll do you any good but what the hey. <grin>


Frosty The Lucky.

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i might be able to put you in touch with a slump glass artist somewhere in the southern california area, she may have more connections in that field, but id have to stepchild the info through at least one other person because i never got her contact and have forgotten her hame :(

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Frosty I talked to Bill on the another forum good Info there,

I have found a good massage  board in the Melting pot for g;ass workers ??

I am still looking for a live chat room for torch workers goggle came up with massage boards  not live chat :(


Big gun I am looking to get in to glass torch work = lamp work

not glass blower / glory hole with melted glass cost WAY !!! more in fuel & tools for now LOL

I sure would like to try hot glass blowing at least once though that is a hole other thing ! :wub:  


chinobi to me slumping glass in a kiln in a mold is boring & to easy other than the art design of the piece its like stain-glass

just hotter not where I want to go


lamp work is many things sculpture, thing made out of tubing ,marbles ,beads & so on --

a cheap sort of way to be a glass blower with out the full shop thing witch is very costly !!!

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