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Another bowl thread

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Yep, I've started another bowl thread! *collective groan echoes*
Seeing as I've asked for so much advice regarding bowl making tools and such I thought I should finally upload some pics of bowls I've made. I forged these 2 bowls in the last few days, one was for a mate, the other was for fun.
They're made from 3mm mild steel, I sunk them cold into a variety of oxygen cylinder bottoms using my 6lbs raising hammer + a couple different size ball pein hammers. As you can tell I'm not a fan of planishing.

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Sorry it's a year late, I have only just found this Joel.

I think they look stunning. I love the way metal records the process that formed it.

The refinement of surface and form that planishing gives is great in its own right, but has been bastardised when you see those awful machine made "beaten" things like pub copper clad bar tops which have rolled in so-called hammer marks.


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Looks great.


Reminds me that I need to make time one day to swing back by the hydro shop and remind them I'm still waiting on if they could locate me the bottom of a cylinder they are junking. I think I'll take a few forged hook or gee gaws this time ( didn't have any in the truck the last time I stopped by) and see the cute secretary in the office and see if that gets me a return call this time around.

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had to do some copper and brass dishes a few weeks ago, copper one was 4mm thick and when finished was about 250mm diameter and 105mm deep

8 brass dishes about 4mm thick, 100mm diamter and 35mm deep.

used several gas bottle bottoms and several different balls for top tools in my press and worked away at them spiraling in from the outside, maybe bringing the press down between 100 and 200 times for each one to get the texture wanted

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