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Hi from Wales


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Hi all

Just a quick introduction  Lyndon 45 (ye i know depressing) off to school in 6 weeks to become a blacksmith at Hereford Technical Collage the largest blacksmith and farrier teaching collage in Europe i believe , been making knives for about 3-4 years been welding since i was 16 i am a British Army Armorer and a tree surgeon and a door supervisor (bouncer ) among other things  passed my driving test just to attend collage at 44 years old so you know im serious  :wub:  so wish me luck 

Got premises to set up a shop soon as i am qualified looking for a partner to go in to business with at some point here in south wales right in the center of the Brecon Beacons National Park. That's about all i can think of for an introduction talk soon lyn.

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Greetings and welcome lyn,


Sounds like you have a lot of hats to wear,  I wish you luck in your business venture.  Take your time, learn from others , and keep monitoring this forum.  You will do well ...


Forge on and make beautiful things,


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Hello Lyn.  I'm 37 and just went back to college last year on a 3 yr program.  I'll warn you that it's not an easy transition back into a school setting when you're 10 ~ 15 years (or more) older than all of your class mates, but I'm still finding it a very rewarding experience.


Best of luck with your studies!

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