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Never used Buffalo rivet forge and blower


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Some of you probably saw my post a few days ago about looking for info on this forge.  That was before I bought it.  I really wanted more of a cast iron table forge instead of a rivet forge, but I couldn't pass this one up.   So I scrounged up enough money to buy this 'new in the box buffalo forge'.   I don't have any reason to doubt the claim of this being new and unused.  It is a little rusty from sitting for all those years.    Yes, I know I need to assemble it and light a fire, and soon I will...    I can say this is the best condition blower I have ever turned!  :)


This picture was prior to owning it, so I could identify and try to research it:




This is when I moved it all home.  I believe this is the original crate from the factory (not sure how it originally sat in there)...





Now, that I cleaned out the debris out of the blower from the mice and chipmunks, I'll have to untie the factory wire ties and put it together.   If anyone knows exactly how the blower support attaches to the forge bottom, please let me know. (picture would help).  I believe the support arm in this last picture just bolts with a clamping action to the leg uprights?  Unless I'm missing a part?





Thanks for looking!


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Nice score Perky guy. I'm thinking once you get it unpacked and standing right side up the blower mounting method will become more clear. Mine just attaches by slipping into a dovetail but it's different by a bunch.


There's nothing to prevent you from making any shape, size or material forge table you wish for that beauty.


Pics as you go please. You have a good handle on how to show details and lighting so we'll be able to help with what boggles you. Or we'll just make stuff up, it's not like BlackSmithing is abbreviated BS by mistake you know. <grin>


Frosty The Lucky.

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My guess, based souly on the pictures is that that bent U shaped section of angle iron slides into the two blocks on the bottom of the forge that look like they have nuts or bolts in the middle on either side of the ash dump, and the blower sits right in the U. the two sections of cast metal that are attached to the U look like they'll mate up to the two ridges cast into the blower shaft housing. so the blower should sit directly onto the tubing mounted to the bottom of the forge without any ducting.

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I also just noticed the ridges in the piping under the forge that will mate to the slots in the bent U section. My guess is the bolts that old the cast peices on the U shaped angle act as a clamp to clamp the U onto those ridges and the blower to the U. I can't tell if you can or not, but the legs may be adjustable to the forge as well.

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Frosty and Thor, your comments helped me figure it out!

I cut off the handle first:



It's so clean and even has the factory paint on it! 




Then I snipped off the rest of the packaging wire ties and tried to mound the bracket.  It was the same gap as the width of the cast "air duct" where the blower sits.  I tried to mount it but it didn't seem right at all.   Then I noticed the bowl clamped to the cast iron air ducting.  It had little tabs.... rest was easy:




It was a little heavy to do with one person, but I managed:






Thanks everyone for looking and for the comments!  I'm glad I could share these pictures and my excitement with someone!



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That's wonderful!  I can't imagine finding a forge and blower in as-new condition, including the shipping crate.  OEM paint on the blower handle??  That's simply unheard of in this day and age.  What an incredible find.


I would recommend adding clay to the pan.  While the pan is pressed steel and doesn't need clay to prevent cracks, the pot looks very deep and I wouldn't mind bringing the fire up closer to the rim so you can heat longer pieces.


Overall, you just don't get better than what you've got!

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