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Regulator question and 98% forge


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Hallo again,


This is my forge, as complete as I can get it with what I have. Obviously no burning pics yet, sorry. There's easily more than 100 hours into just the fabrication of this forge, and a lot more money than I had a budget for. Maybe it'll pay off.... hah.


I have a regulator, but it's not adjustable, and it's rated at "1PSIG." It was a cheap alternative to a 30 dollar hose, but I'm not confident this is going to work. I realize I will have better results if I get a better hose with a better regulator, but will this work? 


I have a few things left; finding a place that sells firebrick, buying firebrick, painting the ITC-100 on the inside, mounting a propane bottle, and I'm welding shelves onto the front and back once I know what size brick I have. 


Those are Mike Porter's burners, an idling system, a terribly engineered forge cart (guilty as charged), plus the regulator.








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I don't think 1 psi gonna cut it.  Those look like naturally asperated burners, most wont function below 3psi with most forging done between 5-15 psi.  Your going to have to get a better regulator for that job. 

(don't nock the cart, you should see the cart I made for my little mig.  can you say, "not square". :blink: )

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Greetings Steam,


Lookin good but I would suggest a flex line to your manifold.  Your copper line is too close to the burner..   Like JM said you will need a better regulator. It is the key to temperature . 


Forge on and make beautiful things


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You're getting closer but you need a 0-30psig regulator, that one isn't going to do it. I'm sure there're folk able to build a burner that'll work on 1 psig but it's not going to be much in a forge. I don't think Mike Porter or Ron Reil have a burner that'll run that low.


Frosty The Lucky.

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I found the adjustable reg for my casting furnace at a mom and pop hardware store that had a lot of gas and pipe fittings. It was naturally aspirated (one burner) and I think it usually ran at about 12 or 13 psi. Not sure, my wife "lost" it during a previous move.


Also, go army. Beat navy.

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We picked up a "Mr. Heater" high pressure regulator and hose today. They work EXCELLENT and I didn't need any bushings; the assembly was 1/4" and it matched right up. Can't go wrong for 30 bucks... well, I could be incinerated, but at least I saved some money.






Also, go army. Beat navy.


I wish, but I lack faith. After 10 years, it's almost tradition...

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