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  1. steamingspud


    Only five layers, and the general colors aren't much different, so the etching only brought them out lightly.
  2. steamingspud


    After testing my forge's capability to reach welding temperature and my ability to weld, I made this right quick.
  3. Hallo folks! I'm curious what ideas are out there. I want to make Christmas gifts for the important people this year, and I have SOME ideas, but not all great ones. I was wondering what else you fellas do or even ideas for trinkets and gifts. i'm makin little pen knives for my rook-buddies, roses for the people I haven't already given roses, a tripod and cooking set for my friend doin a colonial reenactment group, and the big one is a grandfather-clock gun case for my paps. Hehe, and another discussion, what's a good smithed-gift for a lady friend? I figure this'll be a fun to
  4. steamingspud

    Bone handled buck 1

    It's not the most impressive knife you've seen, but it was made by a fourteen year old kid. The fella had never seen a forge before, much less worked on one. Proud of him!
  5. Hiyah folks! Just got this brand-spanking (several decades old) bandsaw with all the nifty features: hydraulic lowering and oil cooled. Has a few problems with holding at its highest point, and the oil pump is crap, but this'll make life so much more exciting! Rah
  6. If the experiment is successful... well I guess it's just to see if it works. I'm thinking in terms of statics, so bridge parts and crane beams. We have a bridge building team that does competitions that involve building the strongest bridge with the least amount of materials, built in the fastest time. If we could manufacture parts for the joints that were smaller than ones made from mill steel, every ounce counts.
  7. Howdy again, We've been working with grain direction in materials science this week, the same used on turbine blades and aircraft parts to get the max strength. A few of us wanted to try testing what this process does and doesn't do for steel, and whether it can actually be done on a forge. Thing is, we've only gone into the chemical concepts on atomic bonding and grain patterns, so we're not subject matter experts... My question for you guys: Has anyone ever tried doing a heat treating to produce a 'parallel' grain structure? I realize it's one of those less-than-microscopic thing
  8. Hahahaha....aha...ah.... ah man. So my paps insisted we let this brick thing dry for a few months, just to see what would happen. We ripped it apart today, and it was still gooey on the inside. A little softer, I could have put it back in the container and brought it back to the store. But the forge is working great
  9. Mornin! I tried to make a touchmark out of a bolt head the other day, and it went... badly. I scraped out what I wanted with files, and tempered the face at an orange heat, thinking it would need it. The end result... well it ain't pretty. Who's made one? What did you use to carve it out? How do you get a sharp edge on the impression?
  10. Hey all again, So I've been asking around, and noones heard of nanotubes. Not my paps as a welder, not my engineering professors or buddies, not machinists, just one fella. He insists that good tempered steel will have smaller carbon nanotubes or something. Well it doesn't seem like common knowledge, especially if the main resource for info on it is a wikipedia article. So, what the heck is it? I know they X-ray welds for certifications before they bearing test them and cut em. Are they looking for this mythical carbon nanotube? I figure if it's not a chapter in my 'strengths and mater
  11. We picked up a "Mr. Heater" high pressure regulator and hose today. They work EXCELLENT and I didn't need any bushings; the assembly was 1/4" and it matched right up. Can't go wrong for 30 bucks... well, I could be incinerated, but at least I saved some money. I wish, but I lack faith. After 10 years, it's almost tradition...
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