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lookin good dude!


I made a mokume split cross some months ago that would also make good gifting for religious friends.  I still haven't been able to circle back around to make the second version, but my theory is that if you twist the bar before cutting it just 90 degrees with the twist occurring where the cuts in the cross overlap you can then split both sets of arms parallel to the stack layers and get the wood grain look (as seen on the short arms) versus the striated 90 degree to stack look (base and top). might add a little more interest to the thin little sections that make up the center at the same time.



what metals did you make that from?

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I like the twist idea for the cross,I may have to try it some time in Mokume.

I just used Quarters and Nickels for the base metal. I didn't budget enough time to make up and roll out any Shibuichi, and I am a bit on the poor side for Gold or Shakudo these days.

Are you doing your complete billets with jut the torch? They get enough heat , but it really helps the layers stick if you are not directly in the blast.  

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in that thread the first set with the little wires was done with a hand torch open face on a brick, the QSOkume cross and the twisted bar were done in a propane forge with torque plates.  that's pretty awesome if you are alloying up your on Shibuishi and Shakudo too!  I don't think ill ever be inclined to work more precious metals than sterling, though the way prices are going copper might get pretty close to it! O.o

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Looks like you get up before breakfast., or at least you post before I have breakfast. :) I need to start to do some of the mokume. Another hole in my resume. It is a good thing to add to the tong pile.

I just couldn't sleep the other day so started out at 3:30, I usually am up at 5:15.

Mokume is just so dang pretty I can't stop toying with it. I am pretty much a beginner, but I have the basics down and will share with anyone interested.

I could demo it at the next meeting if you like.  

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You could demo mokume gane at Art on Fire. I'm thinking of messing with melting marbles into stuff. I'm going to cut a few split crosses, Pastor is retiring and I thought one with a glass center would make a nice personal retirement gift.


I keep getting ideas for mooshing melty marbles in and think it'd be a crowd pleaser. I picked up a nice stash of light blue, darker blue and clear marbles from the freeby pile at a yard sale last weekend. Maybe a Brian Brazeal dog's head with blue eyes?


Should I bring some 1/4" rd. so we can do another basket twist with extruding melty glass?


I think I may take a shot at making a Brazeal type slitting punch from the Crucible Rex 95. I'm bringing my peanut grinder and a wet wheel knife sharpener if It still works. Test tomorrow, where's my list? I know I have to finish coating the new bricks, the first clay wash is dry so it should be ready for the kaolin zirconium wash. I found the post from way back and the ratio he was havig good results with is 70% Zircopax to 30% kaolin.


Frosty The Lucky.

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