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Recommendations for online US smithing shops

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Hey all,


My mother in-law who is American is heading over the pond for a visit end of June and I was thinking this could be a good opportunity for her to bring me over some supplies! Hopefully it should be cheaper over in the states than it is here.


I am mainly after a decent square faced hammer and possibly one of those blacksmiths 'hands?' with the different fullers that you can swap over, if that makes any sense at all?! Not sure what that tool is actually called but seen a couple and they look rather useful!


So can any American folk recommend some good online stores for smithing supplies with reasonable shipping costs to NC? Found a few good looking ones via google but its always good to hear personal recommendations.




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OK, I Googled "Smithin Magician" and I can't believe i've never seen this before!  This is awesome.


 found this IFI thread regarding it, but the link for the blueprint on the last entry is no longer valid, does anyone have a copy?

I think this seriously is one blueprint that should be recreated and archived!


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Thanks everyone! Will check out the Blacksmith Supply store. Jim, seen them a few times and thought how handy they looked but never knew they were called a smithin magician so thanks for that rockstar! Seems a lot easier than when you are working alone and trying to balance several tools and the workpiece at once!


Francis, so they live on Hatteras at the moment (soon to move to Florida), heading over here to the UK so thought I try and take advantage of the exchange rate!

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 does anyone have a copy of BP0065 Guillotine Anvil Tool?

I think this seriously is one blueprint that should be recreated and archived!



BP0065 Guillotine Anvil Tool
by Jr. Strasil - irnsrgn


It is archived in the IForgeIron Blueprints section and has been available for several years.

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