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Modern table fabrication

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Hello Everyone,


We decided to see what it would take to make one of our modern table designs here in San Miguel de Allende.


First pic is tapering a pieces of 1 x 2" solid for the structure.


Second pic refining the taper on both ends.


Third pic is hot bending the base part.


Fourth pic cleaning up the piece.


And last 3 pics of the table installed.


Hope you enjoyed the few shots of the build.


Very Best Regards,












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Welcome aboard Preston, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in your header we won't have to keep asking.


That's some darned nice looking work Preston. Please keep posting pictures, we LOVE pictures.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Greetings Preston,


Welcome.....   Your table is over the top way cool ... Very original ...  It's great to see fresh ideas and procedures...   Keep them coming..




PS   I would like to keep you around for a while ... When you post a  picture of yourself   ( wear safety glasses )  

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I like it a lot very cool design and it looking heavy it very important its IRON-work not Ikea junk


what is the diameter of the top and how high is the table trying to guess its size :)


keep up the good work and as Frosty says we love pictures 

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Nice !

I've always appreciated something heavy, especially with a circular footprint - easier to move ... Weebelwobeling, rolling, that's good design (grin) .

So I thought 'Red Star' sounded familiar and googled you y'all . A friend of yours ( I think ) moved down here from up ther with a job for Thyssin Krupp. He had me look you up and also did some blacksmithin up there but I can't remember his name right now. Anyway...

S FIRE SCREEN ! Saw that years ago and never forgot it. Amazing work, Kinda tricky looking. I think I 'understand it' ,but, do you have any pics of one individual piece of it ? Non traditional traditional joinery ! It's just right up my alley.

Thanks for sharing,

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.


The cooling fins on the hammer are because we are running tight tolerances and it really helps keep the UHMW cooler which keeps the hammer from siezing up...and then having to let it cool down before using it somemore.  We do not run it really fast as that lacks control.  It is very controlable, and easy to do single strikes.  She maxs out at about 160 bpms. The anvil is a railroad axle weighing 650 pounds and hammer head totals 80 pounds.  Easily worked the 1 x 2 material the hard way.


The table is about 30 inches tall and 26 inches in diameter.  The largest stock was 1 x 2" and the smallest was around 3/4 x 1 1/2".  The table weighs about 275 pounds.


That is not me pictured, but our founder Peter...and yes he should have been wearing safety glasses.  I always have on safety glasses ;>)


The S Fire Screen pieces were laser cut from 2 patterns, welded together, and woven to creat that firescreen.  The cleanup was long and very tedious.


Will keep posting as we creat new things.


Very Best Regards,



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