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Could I get a hand? Thanks Alec. (WIP I guess)

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Thanks to Alec at the NWBA conference at Midnight Madness on Friday for striking a bit for me.  I finally got to spend a couple more hours on it, cleaned it up a bit and have the fingers about 90% split.  I'll post more when I get back to it (hopefully this weekend).post-29018-0-15107800-1367465304_thumb.jpost-29018-0-79195400-1367465305_thumb.jpost-29018-0-00624700-1367465309_thumb.jpost-29018-0-63341100-1367465310_thumb.j   

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He could mount it on a wall then whenever he did a good job he could back up to it and give himself a pat on the back.


I like that idea!!!


Actually, I was planning on a stick shift for the truck.  After 6 years without a knob on my lever, ( and being single in my mid 40s...) I'm getting tired of explaining the large callous on my right palm. :unsure: That may get edited....I also need a parking break release lever that broke 3-4 years ago and hood release lever that I've had to use pliers to open for the pastnumber of years.  This one is a bit big for that... 


I also owe my Aunt a sculpture for her 80th b-day last Jan, I've got a few flowers made and have been planning on a bouquet of 8 flowers for her.  I've got 3-4 others blanked out and an idea on another way to do it without any power tools.  (I have one bandsaw cut on the example shown.)


I've got a couple other sculpture ideas, but not completely in love with any yet.  Keep the ideas coming!  I'm having fun with the hands and may keep doing them until I my Muse tells me to move on...

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i like this - really effective where the palm meets the wrist - nice one!

Thanks beth!  I wish I could say that I planned that, and even though I would have tried for this at some point, it just kinda happened.  When I got back to it after Alec and... was it Tracy??? finished striking a few days leter, I though we drew the wrist a bit too far and had too sharp a transition, but when I finished knocking down the sharp corners on the first few heats that second day, there it was, a few more heats to smooth the curves and another couple to fuller with the cross-pein defined the thenar and hypothenar muscle groups.  I was so tickled that I stopped right there so as not to screw it up.  I didn't even put it back in to trim the pinky (I COULD have done that....)

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Ha! I think it's called luck.


Spent a couple more hours and split/trimmed the fingers and made another few chisels.  I realize I need to make a bench anvil and have some 1 1/2 x 3/4 4140 that oughta do.  I think I'll use some power, I hope Terry needs help with his Seahorses soon....hehehe  <_<  



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