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Some farrier rasp snakes and horseshoe stuff


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Been making a few different things out of farrier rasps and have a big box of horseshoes that I have been dabbling with. I was thinking about mounting the name on an old barn board and hanging it in my 4 year old daughters room. She loves her horse and anything horse related.





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Like the snakes, looks like you did a good job on making it round for the body and the heads seem like they have nice detail on them.

If you even felt like selling something at markets those snakes would be the rage.

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The name yoiui started for youir daughter is part of wot dreams are made of. Really a great thought.

You have a talent for moving metal,,keep it up.

I made a lot of snakes quite similiar to yours until Bill Epps showed us how to wad the tang up,,spread the edges of the base of the tang out and forge weld all of that into a blob that gave us plenty of material to forge a nice arrowhead shape head for a rattlesnake. And when we do that the scales run the right way..The other end of the rasp the fives us plenty of meat to forge rattles.

Lots of ways to do things,,I like Bills way for my work.....Keep up the art work!

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Hi Teebs & Rich, would one or both of you elaborate a little on the temperature that you are forging at with these rasps and when you do the forge weld?  I read Bill Epps method on anvilfire, but still have questions in these areas.  It'd be great if there was a youtube video, though doubt the actual forging colors would come thru.


Very nice snakes Teebs and I need to forge one of those hearts for my daughter!



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Thanks for all the compliments guys, I am new to blacksmithing and am really enjoying trying new things. Like many folks I try to fire up the forge as much as possible while working around work, family and the usual everyday life.

Dcraven, these rasps are a pretty high carbon steel and they only want to move when they are at a nice orange temp, as soon as the metal starts to cool off you really notice! I have not yet been successful with a forge weld on a rasp, these snakes that I made are not forge welded, the tang is the tail and the head is the rounded end of the rasp folded over on two 45 degree folds. I will do some research and try them the way Rich has explained.

The heart is the Brian brazeal style heart, I have made a few more and they are starting to become more uniform and easier to make!

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The finished piece, will be hung in my daughters room. The letters are attached with horseshoe nails, they sure were a pain to install after the nail holes were all distorted. I should have punched then to size when the metal was still hot.


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