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  1. I think it was about 70 horseshoes to make it, any farriers you can contact in the local area to ask about used shoes?
  2. I have never heard that saying, but it couldn't be further from the truth! The rasp was a pain to forge, our farrier buys quality rasps that seem to be quite high carbon steel. I am happy with how it turned out, all the forging was done on the step of the anvil.
  3. Thanks guys, and yes the entire unicorn would be pretty cool.
  4. I finally finished my second horseshoe sculpture, a unicorn as requested by my 7 year old horse crazy daughter. The horn is a farrier rasp, the piece around the eye is a section of sheet metal from a 45 gallon drum, the eyeball is the steel toe cap from an old warn out pair of my Blundstone workboots. The base Is from an old plow that I have since scrapped and the ears are cut from an old circular saw blade. I am happy with how it turned out, not sure yet where I will put it, am pretty much decided it's going outside unfinished and will just let it rust naturally.
  5. I only planned to do the eye area with the steel sheet, but it kind of looks like a mask and I might cover the rest of the head or use this technique on another horse. Tomorrow I am going to do some more work on it, unfortunately life and work get in the way at times! Stay tuned for an update :-)
  6. Here is the start of the unicorn, the eye Is something different I tried, steel from a 45 gallon drum and the eye is actually the steel toe cap from my old work boots. That's what I call recycling! I kind of like the contrast.
  7. Thanks guys, we have 4 of the real thing and this is by far the cheapest type of horse to own! I'm working on a unicorn for my daughter right now, so far I have made the most important part out of a farriers rasp.
  8. Thanks everyone, my next one I will remove the flat bar that I used to shape the nose and part of the head. Maybe tack weld the shoes to it then cut it and remove it after the shoes are welded? The hair is 13 shoes cut in half, drawn out at the tip, twisted then bent over and welded to the "crest" of the neck.
  9. Hello all, been absent from the forum for a couple of years, decided to fire up the forge again and using my new welder to make a horse head for a good friend of mine. The shoes are all used from her farm and each is tied to a current or past horse she has owned. This is my first sculpture and I really enjoyed making it, I look forward to making more in the future. The eye is copper sheet TIG welded into the steel frame and the ears are forged from pieces of a large circular saw blade. I have already given it to her and she loves it, which is all I can ask.
  10. Wow loyd, I would like to give that one a shot too!
  11. I really do need a 2x72" grinder, ok I want one! I have a line on one from a buddy's uncle that was heavy into knife making for years then just gave it up cold turkey (they figure depression?). It has been 10 years since any of his tools and knives have been touched! My buddy mentioned if I show up with some cash he will likely sell me as much as I want to buy. I should give him a call....anyone have any ideas (roughly) what a custom made 2x72 grinder would go for? I have not seen it but they say it is very well built and he was a semi pro knife maker for years.
  12. Great work, I love the finish on all your blades. The bush cleaver is an inspiration for me to finish my leaf spring chopper/kukri/cleaver/heavy XXXXX attempt at a big knife! Watch the language
  13. I need to get some ferric chloride, will give it a try next time. And we do have some pretty sweet, thin, cut resistant gloves at work. Would have helped if I was wearing them! Thanks for the advice, this forum is great.
  14. Thanks guys! My fingers are still sore, 40' of paracord on that handle....
  15. Made from a large ball peen hammer bought for $3 at a yard sale. This was the first one using my new hawk drift and proper hawk handle. I did my first paracord wrap after watching a couple youtube videos. The finish could have been cleaner as I found I need a proper support while drifting, I used the post vise but it deformed the bottom of the hawk and the poll is not quite straight. Although not perfect it is razor sharp and I am enjoying using it to chop branches etc.