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Smithy Idea

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Tee pees make pretty decent smithies. If memory serves Jack Andrews devoted a goodly part of his first book to their points. Buy a Tee Pee? You have to make your own, I'm thinking there was a how to article in Mother Earth News a few decades ago. Now I'm thinking a web search and joining a list or forum devoted to native american living or back to earth things. Some guys are using yurts too.


My current shop is a 30'x40' red iron steel buuilding. You're neighbors would notice, maybe NOT as much as a 14' high smoke belching Tee Pee but it isn't a stealth structure.


Frosty The Lucky.

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I have a few questions for you to answer that may help people here that would like to help you. 


1. What is your neighbors chief complaints?

  a. Noise

  b. Smoke

  c. Your safety

  d. Their safety


2. How big of a lot do you have to put a smithy on?


3. Have you/your parents checked out any local ordinances or home owners association rules that might prohibit you from blacksmithing on your property?


4. Do your parents rent or own the house/property? (this makes a difference in your rights)


5. How high is the fence that your neighbor peeks over to complain? 


6. Is it your fence or hers?


7. Does your family get along with her or have polite conversations with her in other areas of life? (non blacksmithing) 


8. Is there a Blacksmithing group/guild in your area where you can go to blacksmith? A lot of smiths have to travel because they live in the city or just have no resources where they live.


The more information you give without crossing into you and your parents privacy, the more people here can offer advice. Without enough info we will just be swinging in the wind with suggestions. For someone here to suggest a 15 x 30 soundproof shed is nice unless you have a 14 x 29 lot. See what I mean?


Mark <><

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What you want to do is get the crappiest materials you can together. Then build it like a shanty town. I mean make it look REAL bad. Lots of graffiti and rusty old corrugated metal. A real eyesore. Then when they complain about that just tell them you would be happy to put it all back the way you had it. Lol.

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