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I Forge Iron

just got back from the folk school traditional joinery class

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hey guys,


was honored to get the opportunity to learn from Clay Spencer at John C Campbell Folk School.


it was  a traditional joinery class and it was Great!


the other students were well accomplished smiths, and all took the time to help with the each other's projects.a great camaraderie!


here is what i made.  each peice was about 30 hours, including lunch and breaks :)


post-120-0-37543100-1367164716_thumb.jpg  this was a sign bracket made the first 2 days. 



post-120-0-60565100-1367164975_thumb.jpg this one took 2.5 days. 


thanks to Clay for giving me the scholarship allowing me to go!

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Greetings Ironsmith,


Put it down in your memory that you have just spent time with one of the finest teachers and person that you will ever run into..  I too have taken Clays classes years ago a few times and look forward to more....  Pass on your experience with pride....



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well said Jim,


I just hope i can retain the information. While I was there I bought the blacksmiths cookbook by Francis Whitaker, Ive read through it a good bit and it's awesome to see the same techniques taught in his class!

Now i just need to learn how to make those jigs he does! His engineering background shines with the craft!

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