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I Forge Iron

Can anyone identify this anvil?

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Sorry Doc I have to disagree. Jim Coke is right, it is a Vulcan. Vulcan's are cast iron with a steel face, they also have a picture of a arm holding a hammer on the side. It looks pretty chewed up. It is worth much less than a wrought iron steel faced anvil. 


Arm and Hammer brand anvils are forged wrought iron with a steel face.

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Yes the Vulcan logo is cast out from the side of the anvil in an oval, the Arm and Hammer anvil's logo is stamped INTO the side of the anvil.


Vulcan Anvils are a quiet anvil not having any ring; but they are in about the lowest quality tier of "real anvils" and so should reflect that in price.  They were often used in the American School system's metal shops and can be quite handy in suburbia or city environs where stealth smithing is often required.  Living out in the country I pass on Vulcans and save my money for higher grade anvils.

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I've been smithing for about 12 years with a 150 # vulcan and its been quite serviceable. It doesnt have the "Ring" like they say bur then again My hearing is not any worse than it was and haven't spent hours trying to quiet it down. It has good rebound and that's what counts. it should last for another hundred years.

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