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Little Giant KDS dies

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I bought a set of flat dies for my 50# LG with the KDS system.  I really like how they fit and work, but I also wanted a set of drawing dies.


I found these pieces in the scrap yard.  They are 4 inches long and have a diamater of 2 inches.


They have a hole down through the middle for whatever purpose they served prior and were flat on one quarter.


The holes may be handy at some point...just not sure for what purpose yet.


The pieces spark test like high carbon, but are totally unknown to me.  I welded them to 3/8 flat to attache to the KDS bases.  I actually picked up several of these pieces, so if they are just mild and wear quickly, I can rebuild and am not out much.


I really like the KDS base system and like how the flats have indentions for set screws when you put tooling on the dies.







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You may be right Danger, but I haven't tried them yet.  Had to make a trip to the back cracker to be put back in shape.  I will give them a shot and then see what adjustment they need.


I may be able to use the flat die on the bottom and then the drawing die on the top for a more gentle draw. 


I like these KDS pieces because it is easy to build your own dies and tooling.


Either way they will get used....in their current form or after some re-working!

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Greetings  John,


What does kds stand for?  I have been using this system for a long time and called it the Jim system...  Same as Big Blue....


Jim       Your round dies are too aggressive..  BIG SQUISH.... HARD TO TAPER

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Sure they're pretty agressive but what the hey, they can sit on a shelf till they're the PERFECT dies for THAT Project. What I'd do differently is cut them in half lengthwise so they weren't so tall.


Been working on a similar die system for my LG. I'm down to the drilling and tapping on the dovetails.


Frosty The Lucky.

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I've seen them called sculpturing dies, for severe isolation and spreading material really fast. They are radius in the long dimension as well though, the sharp corner can be an asset or not. Such extreme radius have been know to spit stuff back at you, so be aware to have as much hanging off the back as you do the front. Being able to bolt on whatever is a great advantage.

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I may take them to the grinder and widen the radius but I will try them for a bit to see how they run. Like I said I picked up several of these and have some to play with. I appreciate the comments and warnings, I can use all the help I can get.

Like Frosty said even if they sit on the shelf for a great while, they may be just the ticket for something down the road. They are a bit tall but I have room to adjust the pitman. They are not significantly taller than the flat top dies that came with the bottoms.

Mostly I wanted to test building a set of dies for the KDS bottoms.

KDS is the name Little Giant has on the dies. Something Die System...maybe? They fit nicely in the key way and it was pretty easy to build the other pieces. Check out their website for the details.

I have been stewing on this little project in my mind this winter/spring. I have been laid up with a torn up knee and have had more time to think then to build....always dangerous around my camp!

I will give them a shot soon and report back.


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They are handy. I've made up a couple or three sets now and many spring swages. I bolt the s. swages to the bottom ( trying to keep the height near the bottom dies height )and let the top die do the hitting.
I find the drawing dies Sid makes too steep , but you will have fun with that round set. the threaded kit really does make a LG a more versital hammer.

Kwik Die System ?

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If you have a way to flatten the old dies perfectly and then can drill and tap the hardened die...then you could probably use the old dies.


These bases are the same size top and bottom.  The top die that was in my 50# originally is much smaller than the bottom die.  It would be difficult to use the old top die for the base.


I saved my pennies for a while and bought these and am very happy with them.

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