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Forged some new tools

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Hello all!
Here are a few new tools I forged recently. The tongs are made from 5/8 coil spring, the touchmark is w-1 and the nail header I made from a piece of an old spud wrench. The rivet-type tongs I should have made longer as I aimed to have an integrated tong clip, but I made a misjudgment...  I had fun ( As I always do ) making these and please let me know what you guys think...





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Thanks fellas!  :) 
Ridgewayforge: The touchmark is actually a Rune called Fehu, It stands for F which I use for my last name. I am of course proud of my family name, but also of my families history that most likely leads back to Viking and Anglo Saxon culture on my Fathers side. Runes were an ancient alphabet used by these peoples; the Germanic peoples. ( A less boring F )  ;) 

Macbruce: Wolf jaws... Yikes that Im sure will be a challenge, but one I'll have to try soon just to say "I can" 

Dale M. Thats a great article! I found that quote a while ago and found it to be quite informative since I haven't spent much time making nails... Thanks for sharing it!

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