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Osoraku-Zukuri Tanto

Justin Carnecchia

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Hi, this is a osoraku-zukuri tanto that I have been working on for the last couple months. Around 3,600 layers of W-2 and 1075. Lots and lots of sanding on this one, getting the ridge line right took me a couple days at 180g.

Just about done (at least with the polishing), just a little more to bring out a little more contrast between the hamon and the ji. Also a little more refining of the kissaki section, it is hard to get it nice and even polishing perpendicular to the blade.


Sorry for the poor pictures, I'll get some better ones when the project is finished.










thanks for looking, feedback is always welcome. -Justin


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Thank you, the layers are subtle on this blade. At this many layers they become more like the grain of the steel. Personally I was expecting the layers to come out clearly when I etched the blade but it didn't really happen. So a few hours of polishing later the layers are visible but they don't stand out.


Having only seen Japanese blades in pictures it is hard to tell but I believe it can vary quite a bit blade to blade. I've seen some where the grain or "hada" is very subtle, and so refined it is almost uniform, others where it has been manipulated to produce obvious patterns. It is important to remember though that the Japanese were not folding the steel to necessarily create a pattern welded affect but rather to refine the steel. So my blade is an imitation of what they were doing but  with modern steel. The customer and I decided on a layered blade to add that aesthetic to the project.

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