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Making Chain Saw Damascus


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In Wayne Goddard says to grind the cutting the teeth off the blade before welding.   Removing the teeth is a little time cosuming, and I'm curious if you guys do this? This was my first attempt at forging up a chainsaw, as such this was just a test blade and I didn't spend a lot of time on the finish.  In true junkyard fashon, the handle is walnut salvaged from a pallet.



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Nice blade. Did he say why to remove the teeth other than it might stack easier? I don't remove any just cut into 6" or so pieces with grinding wheel, wire bundle together and arc weld onto a handle to make it easier to forge without tongs.

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Are you sure about that as the first time you sharpened the chain the plating would be gone on the working edges.

The top and outside edges are typically chromed. That way the chrome does come off when you file the working edge. At least that is what I was taught in a chainsaw class.

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