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RR Spike Tongs


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A while back, I stumbled on a plan to make the jaws of a set of tongs hold a RR spike but can't seem to find it again. I have found the blueprint that will grab the shank but I'd like something that holds the head.

Also, I recently I came into a couple pair of tongs that have a very loose rivet. My thought is to heat the joint and then lightly peen the rivet. Is this the right track?


PS: Anyone in the WA/OR area take a look at my post on tailgating....:D

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As the Glenn said just tighten the rivet up by peening it hot or cold. I don't like to work metal cold so I would do it hot but either will work. Bill Epp's makes a nice pair of tongs to hold the head of a spike out of an old pair of nippers. I made mine from a $2 set bought at a flea market. Basicaly you split one bit and shape it to the protruding side of the head and shape the other bit to hold the flat side. These are some old pics but you should be able to figure it out.


you can do it without taking the tongs apart:D




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These IForgeIron Blueprints on tongs may give you some ideas

BP0097 Brazing Tongs
BP1004 Woop Tongs
BP0303 Swivle Link Universal Tongs
BP0080 Tongs 02
BP0228 Tong Rack
BP0083 Tongs 03
BP0098 Tongs 100
BP0099 Tongs 200
BP0219 Pincher Tongs
BP0015 Tong Rivets
BP0079 Tongs 01
BP0314 RR Spike Tongs
BP1006 Tong Clips

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I know this post has been sitting around for a while but I wanted to add.


My mentor showed me a set of RR spike. tongs he had aquired from an unknown source, he thinks an old railroad company due to the company like stampings. Its similar to the aforementioned nippers in the sense that it has one side that is split to wrap around the spikes head, but the difference is that instead of pushing against the flat side it wraps around the flat side in front of the head and pushes up against the head with a round stock like end. It forces the spike up into the U like bit and holds it better than any other railroad spike tongs I've seen. I regretfully didn't grab a picture but if there is interest I'll draw something up before I set out to make a pair.

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