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No markings on anvil, need help identifying

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Put a wire brush on a 4" hand held grinder and clean the surface off and you be able to see more of the original surface that may contain markings. DO NOT use an abrasive disk on any surface of the anvil, only a wire brush, you want to clean it not destroy it. Looks like a very fine anvil. Congratulations on acquiring this fine tool!

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After cleaning with a wire brush you may find the feet under the horn stamped with a serial number that can identify the age of the anvil.  My first thought was Trenton because the line where the tool steel face is welded is visible, however that is not a solid indication.  Trenton and Hay Budden are two very good brands!  Both companies did number the anvils in a similar area, the weight on one foot the serial number on the other, and the markings were opposite location between the two brands.


There also may be a brand marking on the side.  Wire brush, some oil or wax and it will shine...or just use it the way it is and it will clean up quite a bit from use.



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Welcome aboard... Have you read this yet? READ THIS FIRST   It will help you in getting the best out of the forum with tips like editing your profile to show your location, how to do a better search, plus many more.

As far as trying your anvil without pictures or knowing where it's located, any answer would just be a wild guess.

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