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Traditional joinery railing

Judson Yaggy

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First traditional project in a while, but more inquiries for similar projects are coming in. Things are finally looking up.

While the budget stretched to collars, rivets and tenoned joinery the clients drew the line at going non-linear with curves and tapers everywhere. The happy medium was some limited scroll work. I liked doing the curves, they liked the price of using stock sizes on a lot of the pickets.


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DD- will try and post pics of the hammer die for tennons this weekend. Basically it's a clapper die with 3 impressions, the first a blunt butcher, the second an almost tennon shape, and the third a finish tennon shape. Lots of rounding on the corners.

r smith- Well spotted. What you are seeing is the result of a work-around from when the carpenter changed the landing elevation to fix his trim mistakes and some earlier design decisions (after the stair was surveyed and railing was in progress). Owner, carpenter and smith had a meeting, carpenter admitted mistake, various solutions were offered, it was decided that lawyers were not to be involved, carpenter sent some money back to owner, smith fixed mistake. Not optimal, but it still looks darn good and now I have another story to tell late night at hammer-ins.

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