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Anvil weight?

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So I got an anvil not too long ago. Marked 148 on the side. Its a fisher-norris. I was told at first it was 148#s but was just reading about the british weight system. Did fisher-norris use that and is it actually 232#s?

I've swore since I got it that it HAD to be more than 148 and I was just not a weakling.






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if it is old English system the second number can't be 4. The first number is 112 #,the SECOND is fourths of that(28#) so the second can't be over three or it would be moved to first spot... The third number is simply pounds. For example an old English system written 324 would be three times 112# plus 2x28# plus 4 pounds or 396#.

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And.... Fisher's are American.So no English weight system. And.... Typically Fishers have the weight cast into the front foot. I'm not sure of the technical term, but on a Fisher the weigh is abbreviated. For example. My 300# Fisher says 30. My friends 100# Fisher 10 and my other friends 260# says 26.
Is your anvil stamped on the side? Any pictures? We love playing guess the maker and will gladly help you try to find out about your anvil!

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Duuuh. About the anvil being American lol. My bad. I added pics to my post. Im just trying to figure out around when it was made.

First pic is "fisher norris"

Second is the "148 or 143"

Third is "Patent"


I see no other markings and no Eagle on the side.

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Hmmm. This is where the more experienced guys, maybe NJAnvilman can help? It sure looks like an old Mousehole to me. It's a great looking anvil. I'm jealous!
I wonder if it's a really early Fisher?

NJanvilman to the rescue?


It is an early Fisher, made in the 1850's. That predates even the round Eagle with the wheat stalks(1860's).

Fisher stamped their name, Trenton NJ, and the weight into the side, as yours is. It should be the correct weight, give or take a bit. If you do not have to hammer on it, I would just preserve it as Fisher anvils of this vintage are getting scarce.

If I was closer to you I would offer you a swap for a newer Fisher of a bigger size, but NJ to Texas is a bit far for an anvil run. But please take care of it.
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Got any friends going to Quad-State? If so you could probably arrange a swap with NJAnvilman there. I've been part of a blacksmith's Mail team getting stuff from Indiana to Arizona by way of Quad-State before.

And on weight; it turns out that you can actually *weigh* anvils and get their weight these days. If you think it will exceed the limit of your bathroom scale a feed store usually has a scale that will deal with most anvils.

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