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  1. In East Texas. https://post.craigslist.org/manage/3192081366
  2. Well got everything aligned this evening and finally started forging tonight. Over the weekend I finally got a stump for my anvil and learned how to properly light ny forge. Took a go at a RR spike and this is what I got. Wasn't aiming for perfection, just getting a feel for how the metal moves and what my hammer can do. Its nothing compared to what I see on here but this gave me some confidence and drive just making this. Gonna hit it on the grinder tomorrow and sharpen it and hang it on the wall.
  3. Thx Glenn. Im gonna try the stick method tomorrow. I know my problem was trying to get it done too quickly. I was too excited!!! I will have more time tomorrow so hopefully I will have better luck. Again, thanks for the info.
  4. Im really just now getting started smithing, or trying to smith lol. I was wondering what the lifespan of coal is. I see people with forges that have a looooot of coal. I guess what Im trying to figure out is if it can be relit and does it just burn up or do you have to clean out the "used" coal in a forge? Hope Im not confusing anyone but myself.
  5. Well, got off work tonight with plans on lighting up my forge for the first time. Tried and tried with no success. I have good coal for sure I guess I was just rushing things. Used the balled up newspaper method but couldn't really get a good lasting flame to ignite my coal. Try again tomorrow I guess.
  6. All are awesome blades man but "The Squid" is epic. Top notch work.
  7. Nice man. Congrats and awesome knife.
  8. I will be there for sure. Only an hour away!!! Gonna be my first blacksmithing event.
  9. I have neither of those. What about a hand file?
  10. Thanks sir. Will sandpaper be sufficient? Maybe a dremel tool?
  11. Just a local hardware store bought cross peen made in Mexico with a wooden handle. 2lbs. My question is should I file the grooves down on the face and smooth off the sharp round edge too?
  12. What are the pros and cons of wood vs. Synthetic handled hammers and what is your preference?
  13. I know!!!! I don't know what to dooooooo.
  14. Thats my luck though. I finally find an anvil for way cheap and its my first usable one and now I don't even wanna touch. Ahhhhhh!!!! I would rather have a good one to use and let someone take care of this one.
  15. That's what Im thinking an early model. But my Anvil knowledge is no where near some guys on here.
  16. Duuuh. About the anvil being American lol. My bad. I added pics to my post. Im just trying to figure out around when it was made. First pic is "fisher norris" Second is the "148 or 143" Third is "Patent" Fourth? I see no other markings and no Eagle on the side.
  17. So I got an anvil not too long ago. Marked 148 on the side. Its a fisher-norris. I was told at first it was 148#s but was just reading about the british weight system. Did fisher-norris use that and is it actually 232#s? I've swore since I got it that it HAD to be more than 148 and I was just not a weakling.
  18. Newbie smith here. This is my first forge. I picked it up for $200 the day I was going to just start building my own because I could never find one. Its a Champion but I don't know what model. My coal is coming in this week so it should be fired up soon.
  19. I've been given advice by you great guys here to radius the edge of this anvil. I will get it done today or tomorrow hopefully. But of course, another newbie question. The damage on the edge goes into the face, I measured, about a 1/2". Is it going to be ok to radius this far into the face? Check the pics out to see what Im talking about. Thanks.
  20. JustinJ1982

    Deer Hunter

    Beautiful knife! Is that a Fred Bear recurve?
  21. Does anyone have any pics of an anvil that has been radiused? Just for reference so I can see what I'm aiming for when doing this.