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champion 400 blower

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If you have any light oil, that will work just fine, like ATF or some engine oil (5w-30 10w-40 etc.), or hydraulic oil, 10,20 weight etc. Yes, I know it has gears inside and gear oil works ok, unless it gets cold, then it can turn with quite a bit of effort.There isn't any load on these gears, so gear oil isn't needed.

If you felt like you had to buy some.......get a quart of 20 weight non-detergent from the hardware store.That stuff is inexpensive and made for things like that.

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Only the Canady Otto and Tiger blowers were intended to have an oil bath reservoir in the bottom of the gear case. Our old farrier instructor was asked about oiling the gears on the Champions and Buffalos. He said, "Three drops every third day of use." I thought he was kidding, but I've followed this admonition, and it works. No need to overdo.

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Like an old car they will claim their spot!

Here in the SW we cool with a swamp cooler and one of the standard things they sell around here is a bottle of oil with a long tube for oiling the bearings and motors of swamp coolers. My wife seems to have never noticed that we buy a bottle of oil every year for a job that takes a couple of tablespoons a year. Sure comes in handy in the shop though!

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