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A booth to present forgings

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I was invited by the Coop people to present my forgings in what was supposed to look like a fair. That part did not work out. I was finaly the only guy to have something to show.

Despite the poor organisation, things went well for me : I had few visitors but they seemed interested in what I forge and I even made some sales that I had not expected at all.

What seems to have worked in my favor, was the booth I came up with. People were attracted, curious. Many complimented the presentation.

This booth is simple and It takes an hour to set it up completely. I transport the lot in my trailer.

I will add to it : a roof, decorate the sides with forgings, tweek details like hiding the plywood sides, topping the puywood on the sides, etc.

People did not expect such a presentation. It worked well.


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Nice clean execution.

A possible suggestion: Can you make the side walls hinged so that they could be folded in against the back wall and then *locked*. The displays we have on the SWABA mobile forging trailer do that and makes it very convenient to shut down at the end of the day on a multi day show.

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Nice job! A custom booth is always a great idea which really make a vendor stand out.

The major difficulty being, that there are a number of different 'standard' sizes of booths for vendors / demonstrators. If someone does a lot of shows, it's a good idea to make up a bit of a modular system, where you can mix & match components to get different sizes of display.

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