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Ring Roller

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Has anyone here ever made their own "ring roller"? The ones I've seen on the 'net have a big handwheel and three rolls that are adjustable so different radii can be bent. This is all mounted to a piece of square tubing that is bolted to the floor. I'd like a set of plans if anyone knows where I can borrow or buy them.

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If you want to actually buy a set of plans, look on e-bay for "Roarty roller". But there is nothing critical about them. stronger is better, up to a point. but to roll tube, channel , angle ,etc. you will probably need access to a lathe to turn wheels with a profile in them.
Hope this helps

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David-Sure glad you posted those pictures. I have that exact same gearbox. Picked it up at auction one time for future use on a tumbler or something. Since I already have a tumbler the only thing it has powered to date is a spit for a hog roast one time. With pulleys had it down to 2 rpm. What is the coupling you have between the gearbox and the shaft? Look like a "lovejoy" coupling but what did you use for the "spider". Is the shaft driven by the gearbox knurled? I assume so but it is hard to tell in the pic. Really nice unit you have built. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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Here is my Mr Twister i made years ago when i was doing the ornament work. It will do 1/2" sq as well as 3/16"x1" flat. It is mounted on my second floor so i can do really long parts. I made the split die to do twists that have flat spaces in between the twists. You can with some creativity use a 1/2" drive socket for the dies...Bob





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Thanks David. I just bought a 100 to one gear reducer and had the same machine in mind but no plan or other than Shop outfitters design in mind. Yours fits the bill but from what you said now "my gear reducer broke" I think I will further reduce with a chain drive instead of direct coupling. I sort of have a variable speed system in mind and as soon as I build the contraption I will post it for all of you to comment on.

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