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olive pips...pits...thingies

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My friend, who is very into greek civilization told me that some greek blacksmiths used olive pits or pips or whatever as a fuel, because apparently they are so oily, and their core is woody too, that they burn really hot, and for a longo time. Anybody else heard of this? I might try it sometime to see how it works, and pound some iron and bronze.

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(Just cuz u asked) You start by collecting a whole lot of fruit ( plums, apples, pears, peaches, apricots and some native fruit that are a bit smaller than plums, very sweet but not that good to eat that are called corcoduse [khor - ko -doo- shay]) most people use plums and corcoduse ..but plums are deemed superior for this.
The fruit are fermented until sour and mushy in a barrel..and then the mush is put in a still.
That is basically a huge witch's cauldron, with a big semisphere lid that connects to a pipe that connects to a cillinder that is in a barrel of cold water. . .

You boil the cauldron ..and you collect what comes out the other end.
Most people only keep the hard stuff that comes out at first ..that is about 30-40% alcohol. .and is called tuica ( tzooy-kha)
but some redistill the tuica to get a stronger "potion" called palinca ( up to 80%alcohol) ( puh leen kah)
High end spirits are the ones made from plums, while the ones made from corcoduse and other fruits are rather generic. medium-low quality.

After the wine is made. . .the remaining grape slop is also left to ferment a while and also distilled. . .you obtain a medium quality tuica that sort of hints at brandy. ..
Ways to enhance flavor are to add lemon peel or orange rinds and various other interesting smelling indigenous plants I cannot name in English.

In the end, in an average country household, there are 3 kinds of tuica/palinca. .the kind you give your workers, the kind you give your family and friends and the kind you drink yourself. :D ( the latter is the best and strongest of course.

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