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Spiral Staircase Rebuild

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I was approached last December about overhauling an existing spiral staircase. The people wanted to use the existing center pole and treadplates. Everything else had to go. I started forging the handrail, pickets, branches and leaves back in January for a febuaury install. As will happen the project got delayed so everything sat in the corner of the shop waiting for the customer to call me saying they were ready.
Finally got the call two weeks ago and started on it last Wednesday. I still have to add more leaves, clean up alot of welds and then give the whole thing a good brushing and finish. I wanted to share what I had so far.
It is a three part job. The main staircase, the top stairwell railing and the balcony railing. I hope to have the staircase completed tomorrow. I'd like to get the stairwell done before I leave for the IBA conference Friday but I think it will be more like nect week end. I haven't started the balcony railing yet.
The stair rail is 1 1/4 solid mild steel bar. The pickets are 3/4 bar and the branches are 1/2" bar. Leaves are 14 gauge. Each leaf was cut by hand with a plasma cutter. The staircase is extremely narrow due to space limitations. It has been a solo project with no helper. I will post as I finish each part of the project.
The pictures show the original staircase and then the project to date.


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Great looking project. I like the before and after pictures. I'm sure another set of hands would have been nice at times, but you clearly have figured it out. I like the way you hung the welder. Keep up the great work and send update pictures, please.

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Looks like a fun job. Hope you made some money on it. Their is a old saying, that goes, " You make your money in the shop and you lose it in the field. " I have had this happen to me before. Working on site like this can take twice as long to get something done. Hope it worked out all right for you.

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