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Short Sword wip


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Hi Everyone, this was made to be a full size Migration Period blade but things happened... reforged the tip and now I have a shorter sword lol here's some pic's of the bare blade, and one befor the etch when I was working on fitting the hilt parts up on a sunny day

I peened the hilt/handle together tonight just waiting for the epoxy to dry then on to a leather...

(edit) thought I'd put some stats incase anyone wants to know

Blades 23 1/4
Overall 27 1/4 (no lower pommel yet)
width at gaurd 1 7/8
weight 710 grams (bare blade)

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thanks for the comments guys! Blades all done except for the little touch ups... I have a bad habbit of not making scabbards for my blades so I'm gonna actually try to follow through on this one


Hope you guys like, I'm pretty happy with it all and all but wish it was the 30 inch blade it was meant to be

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well got it all finished up, sheath is made outta 2 layers of leather bound and glued together. Inner layer had the hair still on which help protect the blade and makes a tight fit but still easy to draw. Rabbit fur on the out side just to give it that character... Learnt alot from this one but now it's time to get back to the forge!


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