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  1. Nice blade ^^. The handle is very nicely done. My fav part.
  2. Havent been at the forge lately, the location of it + begining of summer = miserable place to forge. It was fine in the winter when the direct sun would warm me up but now I need to get away from it as it is too dam hot, plus the lighting is messing up heats. Last thing i forged was a few bodkin type arrow heads. In the process of moving my anvil/forge to a more cooler and darker place, and itll prob be one of the first things ill be forging after its set up. My neighbor does have a plethora of welding apparatuses maybe i can get him to fill the gaps and save some fuel/time, just have to pick up some rods if i do that route.
  3. Thnx yah that is my fav part too. It turned out to be a mistake, I was testing these metal cutters on that piece of Alumn and i didnt realize it was too close the holes i drilled out, So i just replicated the pattern and bam. My fav feature on the knife. Scabbard coming soon.
  4. I just ordered some 5160 from Jantz knifemaking: http://www.knifemaki...asp?Search=5160. From the other retailers this one was the fairly priced and only $10 shipping on orders under $100. Also they have been very quick to process my order. I was going to go with NJ steel baron like above but jantz had some other knifemaking things i ordered as well. 2 Cents...-Tim M.
  5. This is my first seax, after researching a little bit of these knives i wanted to make one so here it is. Its made from reclaimed RR track which i according to machinist handbook is around 1060. Its the same stuff my previous knives have been made out and they have performed really well. Handle is made from Juniper/Cedar, alum band, and some white ash to finish it off. Making a matching scabbard soon. The blade was polished to 1000 grit. My first attempt at polishing anything to this level it was a rewarding experience. I havent fully sharpened the blade yet, I am waiting for a whetstone i ordered. I will definitely be making more of these. Here is some really large photos(will edit smaller later).. Enjoy -Tim M.
  6. Rebar is only their because its just abundant. Its just their for experimentation. I guess i havent used it enough to know the crap quality that its infamous for. I did just get my order of 5160 bars so dont fret their is good metal here for when its appropriate. Yes woodworking by far is very expensive, but making the tools for wood is the huge chunk of the price. Just made an ash flat-bow carved with a draw knife i forged, the price of the draw knife's alone are shocking. But i found a place with fair prices for White Ash at least...(off-topic).
  7. Thnx for the reply guys, I forgot to mention the spring type fuller ive been studying on anvilfire how-to's, the problem is the lack of rod for the spring fuller. I can beat out a 1" thick rebar down but id rather just avoid that all together, But i just recently got a hold of some coil springs so it looks like it all came out in the wash. Cheers.
  8. Yah I'm thinking about just reforging the guard.. I do have a drill press. the problem was my impatient filing and also i did not compensate for the amount of filing and sanding of the blade. It was very thick at one point i dont know what i was thinking while forging but the result being a huge gap in the guard. not knowing how to fill it with blaze rod, seems like welding involved. So just going to forge a new guard same style maybe bit thinner to cut the weight down, and reforge the pommel to fit the end of the tang better. Thnx for the interest and advice.. CHeers. -Tim M.
  9. Very nice stout looking blade! Hopefully one day ill be able to match the craftsmanship, well done. -Tim M.
  10. Hello craftsman, I have a few fullering tool ideas that i would appreciate some feedback. First of all the main goal of this project is to make a fullering tool for the anvil without the use of welding. My ideal setup would be a guillotine design with different bits, but i lack the material or welding capabilities for such a tool. So i Have numerous amounts of 1" rebar, and a few pieces of scrap that i will include a picture of. I have drawn up a few designs of how i think will be the best solution for my situation, and need. The drawings pretty much says what I need to accomplish. This design is based off of a piece of scrap in the last image. Scrap... Potential tool ideas?
  11. Thnx for the reply guys, yes that cross guard looks worse in the photos, was thinking about maybe forging a replica tang and then try to reforge that guard to close the gap.
  12. Here it is up for judgement/admiration whatever you want. Just had to share this enlightening experience with everyone especially new smiths looking to do this type of stuff. I first of all only have about 5 months of experience, so please excuse the craftsmanship and the willingness to go ahead and do what all of the forums say not to do. But I like to think i am a responsible person but I couldnt resist making one of these. It started with a piece of T25 "S" of rebar, its the 1" stuff. I was flattening it with intention to make some stock for whatever reasons, but when it started to get flatter it started looking like a sword. To excited to stop I just kept going with it and its been a blast. Learned a lot from doing this project, especially about file work and how important good quality sandpaper(also Draw filing with sand paper+1). It is made out of T25 "S" rebar which would mean its just a little better than a xxxx, but it have a lot of these suckers i just decided to go with it because it would be good exercise in hammering, guard/pomel creation, and finishing. So tempted to try to heat treat this but I have put in way too many hours filing and sanding to stick it in the flame, and since this is just a wallhanger and not for use it was a mute point anyway. I did a hardening test on the material and it snaped so it has some carbon in it but whatever ill just order stock when i feel im ready. Anyway enough of the essay that is my post. I chose to make a langes messer or "Long Knife" because it has IMO the simple design that doesnt require fullering, that and I am really into European martial arts, especially the manuscript of Talhoffer. It is just a long knife with a sword like guard essentially. I also like how there is no specific design in the blade but have a few guidelines according my research. Its still a work in progress i have everything mocked up just waiting on sandpaper i ordered so i can finish the blade before i work on the rest. Well enough of the talk, here it is. Total Lenghth = 34" Blade length = 24" Cross Guard = 8" Dont you hate it when things like this happen..... Shitty guard work... I will be forging it to the blade next time..... Checking the balance.... Been balancing this thing since its creation. Just practicing for the future. Ps. The scales for the handle are not finished it very very rough. Made out of cedar/juniper smells goooood. -Tim M.
  13. The one on the right is 13.5" and the other is 12", The one on the left has been a great tool for me since. They are addicting, I made these two at the same time. And after having 3 hawks to throw, I wanted more to throw, but ive been looking for the "HC" spikes so that the edges can have a better lifespan. -Tim M.
  14. Few more RR spike hawklings to add to the list. Handles are fashioned out of ash, and they are really deadly on target at close range when thrown. Enjoy
  15. nerdsmith


    Great looking tongs, you just made me realize how much i really need a new set of tongs since my first set i made and first thing i have smithed are starting to hold me back. I really like the curly end ones, next time i think ill try to make something like that but for thinner/narrower stock. Cheers -TIm M.
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