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  1. Haven't posted here in a long time so what the heck! Dont wanna be a welder anymore just wanna make swords(I can dream right?) just a little random assortment of work over the past bit...
  2. Hi there, I would suggest what already been said and epoxy and pin the handle, you can use even a small pin which should show to much. There should be several threads here showing how it's done in the knife forum. I know its not a real sword and your not going to use it and doing both could be overkill, But I have a fear that some one will pick up one of my swords I have on my work bench that only has a handle "loose fit" and the blade will fall out onto a foot... even "fake swords" are still sharp 3 foot blades...
  3. Warpage is something thats almost always going to happen to some degree, Glad it survived but pics or it didnt count :P
  4. Been holding off selling till I got better at this so I still have most of mine, a few have left home... 8 of these are pattern welded to some degree and to your far right is the first thing I ever forged, a short sword! hehe ;) Lets see those swords!
  5. Simple answer yes a dime thickness would be fine, I tend to go hair thicker. Good luck!
  6. HI, I'm gonna PM you... as I'm only 2 hours from kenora! good thing you updated you location hehe
  7. I've been making swords for alittle over 3 years now and other blades for several more years... I consider myself a swordsmith, maybe still a appentice without a master... Do I sell swords? NO I do not, to ask a fair price most the reponses I get are rude and insulting, investing a huge amount of time and money into this with sometimes over 100+ hours into a blade and get offered like Steve said a couple hundred dollars! But I'm paying a women 2000$ to take pictures at my wedding and she was one of the cheaper ones!!!!! sorry starting to rant I make swords cause I love to make swords, if I sell a blade the moneys going to cover travel costs to hammer-ins or meet other smiths to improve my craft.
  8. Good job, the first ones always a huge step! and nothing wrong with it being a wall hanger... years from now you'll look at it and see how far you've came! My suggestion to you if you wanna make more is start keeping records! everything from the steel you use, to weight, blance points. what you like or dont like... what you eat the morning of HT... :P You've already seen how much time you invest into these blades, it's good to try not to make the same mistakes twice I'm intrested in what you choose of the pommel
  9. I think he's asking the length he should cut his steel bars to be able to forge a sword out of... Silent, is it illegal to own a sword? or to buy/sell/import one cause there may be a difference... can you own a knife? cause if thats a yes, find out how long and start by forging a tanto out to that length this same type of thread has came up so many times and I never get involved... all I can say is start small
  10. Thanks guys, Frosty, Yeah I know I suck at taking photo's... the only reason I even bought a camera was to take photo's of my knives and I do need to work on it, a light box would be a good start... and making a web site, but everytime I get some free time I'd rather just forge something ^_^ Thomas it feels great swinging it, haven't had a chance to do much cutting with it yet. I would love to get some real western martial arts training so I actually knew how to use swords better. It would most likely make me a better smith too
  11. Hey guys, seeing as I rarely see swords actually get posted here I thought I'd add one! This is a rare sword type(I *think* there's only one) with hilt parts the same as swords from the Castillon hoard but with a single edge falchion blade. I had some really intresting geometry to it and loved the hilt so it was both fun and a challege to make. It's as close as I'll come to making it without getting to see or handle the real thing... I know weight comes up here, well the real ones said to be 869 grams with alot now corroded of the tip and a few large chunks missing... so making the blade the way I thought ended up being 1001 grams (2 lbs 3 oz.) with a grip on. It handle really fast and feels light but still has a strong slashing power to it, also the tips fine enough to put it where you want... here's what it's based on there's better photo's in some books.... here's the blade forged to shape, next to the concept drawing there's double fullers and a ricasso, for me it's harder to get a good photo after its polished Hope you guys like!
  12. Even the handles look sharp! great job
  13. I can see where your coming from, and agree with you Thomas... I should have posted that this was my own take on things. When I was making the sword I never had planned on finishing the sword historically correct, I had wanted to use alot of textures and picked my materials to highlight that. I guess back in the day very few objects one might have would have any shine to them at all, making something that did alot more rare and valuable! Where as today even simple things we have can be reflective... I have nailclippers on my desk that I can see myself in and never thought twice about! And a piece of wrought iron with all it's flaws draws the eye too it... Mod note: Title edited to reflect this
  14. Thanks guys, Thomas I know the hilt should be fancy, it was just my own take on things... if I could get my hands on a bunch of gold or silver I'd love to make a fancy inlay plating job!
  15. Hi guys, here's a sword I just finished up. Been working on this one for some time now so I'm glad I can get back to the forge again... blades a 3 bar interrupted twist, with a edge around 220 layers hilts wrought iron heavly etched with a wood/hempcord/leather handle Hope you guys enjoy... took me all summer to make :blink: