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new vice... well kinda


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the bracket is remade.. just looking at it i dont think the spring belongs to it.. its about 4 - 4 1/2in. wide.. im going to tear it down and get it cleaned up sometime this week and see if i can find anything stamped on it...

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alrighty fellas i got er all cleaned up and greased. got a small coil spring from an old bicycle with a springer front end pushing out down near the pivot point (temporary) til i can get a leaf put in it... i found some letters.. not completely legible, but i did get something.. just lookin it over after i got it put back together i noticed a 5 just to the left of it was NO as in the first pic.. but the part i cant seem to figure out is the smaller letters which is slightly under and also to the right of the messed up looking H near the top of the pic... (the H isnt part of the lettering) from what i could see, there were a illegible letters then W (space) couple more illegible letters NDO and possibly another N




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not really sure if it makes much of a difference but if you look at the hole for the screw assy. you can see that it has been forge welded.. also down lower on the legs theres some evidence of it.. which i dont think is visible through the pics2012-05-20_10-26-29_217.jpg

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The front of the moving jaw on several of my vises have the weight stamped and on one the date was stamped (1899).

I had a Columbian that the back of the fixed jaw had Columbian, Cleveland OH etc in fine raised letters. I've had Iron City with the 6 point start on the side of the fixed leg.

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