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Blacksmithing associations near Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia


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Hey everyone! I just was looking at the many associations listed in the bottom section of the forum, and noticed that there were none listed for Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina. In case there are other blacksmiths in this area who need an association to go to, here are a few I know of:

ABBA: the Alex Bealer Blacksmithing Association, arround Doraville, Georgia.

John C. Campbell Folk School, near North Carolina in Brasstown, Georgia.

You can also find many blacksmiths near the North Georgia mountains--I have watched and heard of maybe five or six Smiths demonstrating in Dahlonega Georgia, Blairsville Georgia, and Helen, Georgia. Those are all I can think of just now, so there they are, for those in need of associations near these states :)


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Big blacksmith conference coming up on May 18th 19th for the AACB in Murphfreesboro TN. Look up the AACB web site to find out more about it. I'm heading to it for sure. It was a good one last year & I want to see Ernie Dorrill from MS do his magic with the Gothic Repousse' this year. Steve Williamson is also a demonstrator for this conference & he is a well known blacksmith/ teacher.
Should be a good one.

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