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Found a nice Trenton anvil on Craigs List

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This anvil, the Trenton above actually looks bigger then my Mousehole, but not as heavy as Mousehole, no markings on my Mousehole, and I paid $450 for the Mousehole.

Here is my Mousehole on it's new stand:


and of course do not want to forget to show people my friends Marks 150+ pound Trenton anvil, that Mark stole for a measly $35.


and once again my brother in laws Trenton:



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Thanks Phil, and yes all the equipment in this shed gets used very often. My brother in law is building a power hammer, my friend Mark will weld everything, so we will have a working power hammer in few weeks and the shop will be ready for full operation.

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The first number should be the weight in pounds, you might want to check on a scale. The second is a serial number, and someone with a copy Anvils in America can cross reference the s/n to year of manufacture.

Something else of note is Trenton anvils are regarded as louder than many because they are thin, tall, and have a long heel and horn. Putting a large magnet under the heel and horn, securing the anvil well, and wrapping the waist in chain will mute the noise quite a bit.


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I put my 205lb Trenton on a steel stand and it quieted it down a lot. The interface between the anvil and stand don't resonate so they damp the vibration, it's really darned quiet for a Trenton.

Good scores all round. You must live in reasonably priced anvil central.

Frosty The Lucky.

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The long horn and heel of the later American versions of the London pattern are really handy for ornamental work while the squat compactness of English anvils like the Mousehole is really good for heavy work----every smith should have *both*!

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