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I Forge Iron

Just got the new shop going

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Just thrilled to have my new shop up and going, after years of too-small and not enough room! Built a 12 x 16 building, complete with porch to sit on and cool off. I have some nice equipment from a railroad shop that I have had for years but no place to use it-it is all in there now. Built a new 4 x 4 forge using the big firepot from the railroad, good big blower that really puts out, and a 250 pound anvil and 18 inch square swage block and stand.

Just fired her up and made a cutting face for the anvil out of a chunk of 3/8 thick steel that had been heavy hydraulic tubing. That big forge got her hot so fast I almost melted it!

Just thrilled and wanted to share on this great board!


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Feels GREAT doesn't it Ken? I'll bet you Dad is loving it too, there's nothing like family time, especially if it entails fire and beating the snot out of things.

What is that interesting construct in the right foreground?

Frosty The Lucky.

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Frosty--that's a homemade power hammer for when I really need to get the frustrations out!!

Eric- I am a ways from Rockwood. I am almost in North Carolina (7 miles) and Virginia (22 miles). I am familiar with Charles Horner and he is an excellent instrument maker!!

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