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Peter Wright Farriers anvil

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Hello to all,

I just got another new toy Sunday night, a craigslist score! A very nice Peter Wright Farrier anvil 126 lbs, and it is

marked very well, in great shape, has a nice patina of moss and rust, which I think it is awesome the way it is.

My question is that it is marked to the left of the Peter wright logo, with a made for some one special?

Was a farrier pattern anvil by Peter wright special order, or to have your name stamped on the side extra,

I see nothing different about this other than it has horn clip, the horn I think might be swelled?

I read the extra marking: ED made for CHICAGO

Just curious

thanks Jeff
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I'm a little late to this party but the topic fits...Peter Wright definitely made a farriers anvil with the extreme features you might expect to see in this pattern. Swelled horn with clip at a raised angle, the thin graceful tail with double pritchel holes, and a narrow waist. Very similar to some of  Hay Buddens farrier pattern anvils. I've had this Peter Wright for a couple of years now and I haven't seen another quite like it....yet.  Ed.







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A feature of the farriers' pattern is the lack of cutting table in front of the anvil step. This is because of the clip horn placement and use. The swelled horn is in that area and goes a little bit forward of it toward the horn end. I owned a 211 # farriers' Hay-Budden that had a 4" wide face and a 5" D swell.


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