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sofa quadstate 2012 camping

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They have a couple of options depending on what you are camping in.
There are people there that camp anyway imaginable from monster motor homes to sleeping on the ground or in a chair.
It is a grass fairgrounds
Some electric is avalible but you meed a four wire plug adapter to get 110 which I bought from an RV place.
Acres and acres for tent camping or camping where you dont want electricity.
There is an animal shelter or vet next door and the dogs like to bark bark bark
The event starts Friday night but if you come then you missed half the event and most of the great buys tailgating. Things sometimes change hands 3 or more times going up in price each time.
They say some arive monday but I dont get there from MN till Wed or thursday night
I have heard estamets of about 1000 attendees.
HOpe to see you there

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I'll get there Wednesday and will have a large canopy. I call it a Hospitality Canopy so plan coming by and spending some time. I will have a large gooseneck horsetrailer with living quarters and all my stuff for sale. Bring your favorate beverage. I always say, "If Wayne Coe has beer everyone has beer, but if Wayne Coe aint got no beer, better not anyone else have any beer."

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Be prepared for weather. I've been to Quad-States with temps in the 90's, ones drenched with rain and even one where I woke up with ice in my bucket of water and a nasty cold wind all day long!

This last Q-S we took the minivan and removed the seats and put in a pad to sleep on. With the rain it was nice to be above ground. I also brought a 10-x20' conduit framed tarp structure so I had a place to set up cooking, eating, out of the rain.

A lot of the old keen junk crew camps together with potlucks etc and generally a raised firepit to sit and BS around.

Personally I like to camp near the building---less far to walk and when you care carrying smithing stuff around that does make a difference!

While a few folks show up way early Thursday will still be before most folks show up. Also to get the "heading out the door" deals be aware that some folks *leave* early too. Nothing sadder than to swing by to pick up something you've been needing only to learn they left Saturday night!

The Fairgrounds are in Troy OH and so access to everything from Fast Food to Motels to Big grocery stores is fairly close by car.

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The neat thing about Quad-State is that once you pay the entry fee there is no extra charge to sell so a lot of folks "clean the shop" and just set out a table and a money can and just swing by every now and then and pick up the cash (and then most likely go spend it on other people's junk...)

Even from New Mexico I brought a bucket of ballpeen hammers and sold 23 of them just sitting them on a chunk of tarp---paid for some of the 5 different refractories I bought there...

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Having heard about-it time and time again on this site, mostly from guys who got this, scored that etc. is this an event worth going to? including visiting local smiths? bearing in mind it'l cost me quite a bit(fire on the mountain,NWBA. closer to $20,000.00) That one was worth it.

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Well we commonly have folks from Canada and the Virgin Islands come in for Quad-State and I've met a fellow from New Zealand there. but it comes down to what YOU think is worth it. The tailgating is considered better than at the ABANA conference and entry is MUCH cheaper too. If you could wrangle a trip to the USA I would definitely try to arrange for it to be over the Q-S weekend and stop by. I drive 1500 miles each way (5000 km total) to attend whenever I can.

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