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I have an 4 1/2 inch angle grinder but I can’t seem to get the angle right with it for an American Tanto point. Should I hot cut it with a chisel? Is a bench grinder how its done? I appreciate any advice.
The best I can get it to without messing up the blade with the angle grinder is something like this:
I want it to come out like these:

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It is a basic forging method,,lots of things in smithing are like that, Basics will let you know how metal moves and what tools make it do different things. If you pay real close attention to what you do to steel when you hit it someday it will kind of jump out at you and you will understand wot I am saying. Or another way of saying this is you are trying to race without learning to drive...work on starting, stopping turning etc til you can go around the course before racing. You have a good start take it from there

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Yes! You can forge it, cut it or grind it; or some combination of any of those.

However no matter what you do a RR spike will not be a great blade as it's the wrong alloy. Some of the track clips---ampersand looking things----are about the same carbon content of some of the japanese blades and I would strongly suggest you try forging them.

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Today I started to really work on how to make the tips of knives different shapes. I just took a few hoe pieces of metal and banged them out on various parts of the RR Track anvil I have to see show it made them look. The bladesmithing equivalent of doing drills in my BJJ gym.

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