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Hello from Belarus


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Hello, my name is Zigmund, I'm from Belarus. Baranovichi city. Engaged in blacksmithing for 24 years. The main directions in the work of art forging and fabrication of the blades of Damascus steel. I have his blacksmith shop. I'm very glad I found this forum. At school I studied German, so the problem with the English, translate my daughter Ksusha.

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Прывітанне, сусед

Hello neighbor, grettings from Poland send prezesAdammm (aka Adam), wow you have many experience with work with Damascus steel, mayby you tell us some secret to work with this steel.

I work with Belarusians worker in Poland (some was great friends for me) but I don't speak Belarussian and Russian (mayby I know few worlds)

Nice to meet You.

Welcome on the forum :D

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hi zigmund :) welcome to this most excellent forum.. i am staggered by your gates - what a huge amount of work - they really are beautiful, and also the blades are wonderful! the pea pods on the leafy thing are amazing - i would love to know how you did those. welcome welcome welcome :)

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Welcome aboard Zigmund, glad to have you. I'm putting you on my list of smiths who really humble me. Terrific gates and I'm sure not the only ones you've done, the knives show wonderful patterns and the branches are a delight.

Please post more pics.

Frosty The Lucky

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Zigmund, I am very impressed by your work! I come from pinsk, Belarus ... I moved to California when I was 4 years old. I came to visit Belarus from through Kiev 3 years ago! My father brought his axe from Belarus when we moved 18 years ago, we lost the axe a few years back camping... And there is no way we can find the same high quality axe head in the states... Would you be able to suggest where I can acquire a very sharp and high quality axe for my father?

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