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  1. I did recently test. I built a new burner and tested the new furnace. For me, the results are obvious. Venturi and other atmospheric burners are worthless. The only advantage is the simplicity construction, every kid will build burner of tube 3/4 inches :D http://youtu.be/P0RrOrhSQZQ
  2. The burners are working well on the low pressure of gas. If I need a normal temperature for forging and welding, I have natural gas connected. If I need a really high temperature, connect the propane. I must, of course, replace the nozzle on the appropriate for used of gas. I mean to get to the highest temperature, with the least amount of gas. The advantage is a very low cost of operation and versatility this forge. Now it is connected to propane and furnace already rages at a pressure of 0.7 bar. For normal operation, sufficient pressure 0.05 bar propane. I have two old burners and comparing the work of all three I consider the venturi type or other atmospheric are good for nothing or just for hobbyists who do not care about production costs. Larger burner has also hot compressed air nozzles. If I have not explained it well, I'm sorry, I speak English imperfectly.
  3. I built a torch who works with natural gas and propane. Modernization is quick, simply to change nozzles. To take full advantage of "The Monster Torch" I designed and built a new furnace. This is a video of the work of the burner with propane. http://youtu.be/0zriNb1MUJs Here are the pictures you can see the steps of build and the principle of operation of the furnace. Mix of natural gas and atmospheric hot air accelerates to speed of burning using the compressed hot air. The first test run with natural gas. The furnace is almost cold, work with a minimum power of. After 40 minutes I put in forge the crucible and melted brass. Melted in a few minutes. The furnace is working on half power. In the movie can hear as roar of the torch with propane. Working with natural gas is quiet.
  4. I built a new model of the burner, I needed larger temperature. My stove serves not only to forging, I melted metal in it sometimes. http://youtu.be/0zriNb1MUJs
  5. Thanks gentlemen. I made some of these jewels to try out the market, unfortunately, there was no interest. One pendant has received my wife, and the other gave away a friend. The problem is such that know I how do this, and do not know how to sell :) It is possible, but everything is written in Polish -> http://www.srebrnie.pl/index.php
  6. Jewelry? Whatever I made from copper, embedding stones is easy in bezel. Working in copper is cheap and easy. Even when something does not spoil the damage is thrown away. I would, give you a link on a forum where I describe to people how to do it, but my language is difficult to translate, though there are many pictures and tutorials.
  7. HWooldridge, I am careful, molten metal play with me does not since yesterday. I had earlier make casting silver and brass, aluminum is a easiness of. I added water because I thought it was the best choice, it looks like the bentonite, that sells so declared , and I had nothing else available :) I'm originally from Europe, from Poland. I do not know what you heard, at work we talking in several languages.
  8. I do not have pictures of working with wood. Guard is made the same as this knife on picture. I sanding convex area used the wooden block wrapped sandpaper of a width of 1/2 inch. I cannot explain how I do it. Just take a piece of steel and I formed knife. As I'll take some part of sheet metal I will do a vase or a bracelet or something. Believe me, I don't know how to explain, especially in English. Working with the hammer od chisel comes easier than learning the language :) If someone is interested I have some pictures on facebook - Tom Oldsmith
  9. I finished this knife to do last week.Steel 1095, tempered to 58 HRC, only hand made, not used any grinder to produce the blade. Handle - american walnut and brass. The blade is long on 7 and 1/4 inch. Sheath is double-stitched with five layers of wet profiling skin, with hand embossed acanthus motif. For precision work can put a finger in front of guard. Not sharpened it yet but already cut paper :)
  10. Bowie is fine, but the holster looks like junk :D . You still have a lot to learn.
  11. Forum user he asked me why my hammer has that form. I hope that you can see everything on movie
  12. I stretched metal towards the sides so that was enough it for the "ears". Look out for shape of the hinge on the last photos. I started forging sheet metal of size 1and 1/2 x 6 x 3/16 inches. Total quantity hinge 2 and 1/4 x 12 inches.
  13. Well you see, I made this hammer for forging the blades. I made also the second hammer with standard parameters, only it's too heavy for forging hinges. I'll try soon to post some video with that hammer in the lead role :)
  14. Thanks Jeff. I closed my server because google banned pagerank of my website. I wait half a year, maybe longer, and I'll try again :) Dave, make two sets took me 3 hours. And the price is the secret of my customer and me.
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