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  1. I also wish Merry Chrismas (or Chrismas free) and Happy New Year 2013 Best wishes from Lutynia, Poland - Adam
  2. Thanks Glenn, but I'm still rookie, then I can apply only on positions a blacksmith helper... And I think they don't need blacksmiths helper who need permission to work (Green Card - is needed for Polish Citizens)... But this work must be great I'm just jealous - this people make this beatiful things from wood and metal... that's awesome
  3. Maybe this be nice... Why not I can try...? But I don't know any words in Hungarian, I speak in Polish, English, Czech and this is total different languages, I think I have big problem to communicate...
  4. SImple answer this is Hungarian - maybe this letter are little strange like a English alphabet but You must know Russian have total different alphabet ( Cyrylic )... Example:
  5. Hello, I'm just wondering there is any change to find thats kind job where I can work (makes some money) and learn in blacksmithing... I see some offers in Poland but they need full proffesional blacksmiths, the same situations is in Czech Republic (but they have normal school for blacksmiths - in Poland we don't have this)... I ask because I'm a welder with primary certifications 135 and 141 who I can't improve (too expensive for me and Firm don't want invest in employee), Now I'm looking for any job opportunity in metal industry anywhere on Earth (Yes I have passport), but I really wan
  6. In Czech Republic are schools where You can learn blacksmithing, but this is normal school and you must study more than this one month. In Poland : Wojciechów cost 1200 zł (polish złoty) Time: 26.06.2012 - 8.07.2012, you must register until 30.04 (you must complete the questionnaire ankieta <polish> link http://www.kowale.com.pl/index.php?go=w2012 Sorry text only polish Blackmiths evens: demonstrations Ivanofrankowsk Ukraine 04-07 maj 2012 XIII Turniej Kowali o Srebrne Klucze Legnicy 6-9.IX.2012
  7. Welcome - Witaj I see many members of "Forum Kowalskie" :D I admire your jobs...
  8. My workshop: Front My first forge My second forge (not finish) for weld forge or brake drum First locksmiths table Second table this wood sheet I remove if I need more space Third wood table with blacsmith vise ( I make this in childhood when I must cut some wood plank) and still work :D Imitation of anvil :D My sweet loved hammers Some other stuff Magazine of screw, nuts, rivet and wood jam Proffesional blower with regullation (joke I know, but still work) Cheap, nice weld welder mashine My command center on the left side my proffesional dryer for rod, rig
  9. Wow, You are on the Polish Forum http://krol-artur.nazwa.pl/forumkowalskie/viewtopic.php?t=637 what a great jobs... Sorry I'm until today look in the gallery... I'm usually looking for practice tips. Second member this forum :D
  10. I'm work plenty times like as a welder and like listen metal :D (heavy metal of course) and my favorites bands are: Sabaton - 40:1 Disturbed - all The Prodigy - Omen, thunder KoRn - all Polish band Anti Dred - all (punk Rock) From Germany of course Rammstein: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4K6ZxDwi34 :D
  11. On Right side you have me (This big guy in blue :D ). This picture was made on the welding course method TIG. Year 2009 good old times. Simply call Adam... :blink:
  12. I'm sorry but I'm forget in Europe we have kilograms you have pounds and my 100 kg = 220 yours pounds :D . My neighbor have fine heavy anvil but he don't want sell but he have second - small mayby I can borrow from him.
  13. I see we have the same problem, yes diffrent country but still difficult to buy some cheap, 100 kg anwil cost slightly 1500 zł (465 US Dollars) so I'm still looking for. Now I homemade simply anvil (big word anvil) with profile "C" I'm cut and make horn and I weld this. I' use two 2" pipes for legs (one leg = two pieces pipe weld in T). Legs are not parallel. When I first use, wow what a terrible noise, I'm fill up pipes sand, and in profile "C" I'm put wool (I have some from aunt isolation for chimney). Now is OK, quiet little heavy, I make this some times ago I use for cold blacksmithing (re
  14. Great gate and other jobs but this knife is beatiful. I'm jealous about your abbilities and experience work with Damascus steel. I be happy to have 10 % your craftsmanship. One word: great job :D Dies ist gut
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