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Whiffle? A whistling sword?

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Found this along the internets:
Top 10 Words with Bizarre Meanings

#1: Whiffle


to flourish a sword in sword dancing so as to produce a whistling sound
About the Word:

Whiffling may have its origin in the efforts of ancients to clear the dance area of evil spirits. Not every dance area, of course: sword dance areas.
Sword dances – traditional folk dances featuring men and swords – have a long and glorious history. These days, you can see (and hear) whiffling in the circular "guerrilla" dances of Turkey and the Balkans and in the Balkan "rusalia" fertility dance.
By the way, the trademark "Wiffle Ball" omits the h.

Original Source

I will admit I don't know sword dancing and I haven't swong that many swords or that many sword types but I haven't really herd an audiabul whistling like that of a wiffle bat. Is there something added to the blades, a particular fuller design for example, that could encurage this whistle?

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Not so much a whiffe or whistle noise as a shwip noise, the Japanese have a term for it too that means divine wind or something like that.

Divine wind in Japanese is Kamikaze..refers to the wrecking of the Mongol invasion fleet in the late 1200's.

A fuller will create more a sound then not having one....I am not sure if slots or holes will add much to the noise....easy enough to play with if you make a few swords from wood and swing them around.

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SPEED is the main thing to create noise from the wind. A slightly wider blade would move more air but might also be slower. No trick at all for someone to create a whooshing sound with a whippy foil... you can do it with a willow shoot. I make lead ropes for horsemen and put little leather poppers on them and some of the best ropes could almost crack like a whip. Many may not realize that the crack of a whip is made by breaking the speed of sound with the whip tip... it is a mini sonic boom! I find that the whiz of the training leads is usually more effective (and safer) than actually tapping the horse with the poppers. They intinctively shy from the menacing sound but rarely panic... you do NOT want a panicked horse on the end of your lead rope!

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