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Bruno C.

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Long time noob here, with my first post. Someone walked off with my sharpening stone >:-[. So I need a new one, or several. The one I lost was a 300/400 grit, I believe, water stone. I'm looking for a good, reliable, trusted, preferably online, source of sharpening stones in various grits from 200 - 1000+. My 300 grit stone that is now lost to me worked well for most tasks, was quick and easy, good 2" x 6" x 1" stone. got it for 3 bucks when some shop was going out of business. Don't know where to get a new one like that, and I found a nice oil stone of some higher grit which works real nice, but not good for most of my now dull kitchen knives. I get bored easily so a nice 300 grit stone is handy for tedious tasks.

So, anyone know a good place online with good variety where I can get a good water and or wet stone of with a good large dimension such as 2"x6" or longer for a reasonable price ?



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For my razors (for shaving) I start with a Naniwa Chosera 1k I purchased from these guys. Unbelievably fast stone for its fine grit. You really do get what you pay for.

I then finish with a Belgian Coticule I bought from this guy, who provides AWESOME customer service. Warning: he photographs everything individually with rather big files.

I have recently started using a piece of petrified wood as a pre-finisher since it sets up the edge for finish very well (was given to me) so my order on a well used razor would be
Naniwa chosera 1K on water (it has a slurry stone but I don't use it normally)
Belgian Coticule on milky slurry through dilutions
petrified wood
Belgian coticule on water

For knives I usually start with the Naniwa Chosera 1k and stop. It cuts much faster than my carborundum hones (some of which were $3, and others were quite a bit more) so I have almost entirely stopped using them.

If you really need to remove a lot of material fast then a DMT diamond plate may be in order. I have been resisting buying one...


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Thanks for the info, very close to what I am looking for... Google is usefull only 30% of the time anymore, so I was hoping more towards good user feedback..
Hard to trust anyone online anymore, or ever for that matter. Those chosera stones are real expensive, hope I will be in real need of one those high grits in future.
Need to find some cheaper ones though... Amazon works, but **** its hard to find one like the one that walked away with someone, for cheap anyways. ***** it, wish I bought 10 of those when I found them...

Anyways, I appreciate the info and welcome more thoughts on the subject.


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