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I Forge Iron

Talk about going nuts!!

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No way! Wow I have a bunch of those! I need to sell my antique 18th century hearth cooking skewers blacksmith made primitive metalware. (Thats a mouthful). And I think that I might be able to find some more buried under the coal in my forge! I'm not sure if mine have the "charming pigtail" (yet)

I would feel too guilty to try and sell something like that.

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Those kind of adds make me very suspicious that the seller is playing a game with the prices.

Nobody knows who the "bidders" actually are, ... or how many more of those "valuable" antiques the seller will list for sale, once a price has been established.



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in the " item specifics " area these are described as being wrought iron (primary material). I have a shoe made from wrought that is used as an example at events. It can be compared to mild steel shoe by the public. Some will not be dismayed because everyone knows that "genuine wrought iron beds" are sold by mass suppliers.

One of the real issues here is the bad press genuine artifact gets compared to reproduction. I don't strive to know it all. I do try to be informed. There will be people with minimal at best experience that make postings on the net regarding fact, process and or opinion. Others see these posts and think they may be fact. There will be people with YEARS of experience that make posts only to have the next in line chastise the experienced (regarding safety or other issues). This is life on the net and I am proud to have a " one " rating by my name. :) There are people that I have known for years that have lower ratings than new folks with 6-10 posts in various places.

Ebay is just that. A shopping mall full of experts. Thanks George for the posting. Maybe some day we will meet. Those skewers almost look like they have had a brass brush on them.

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I also don't think it is a smith trying to con people.

I do think that there is a common misconception of the word wrought.
According to a dictionary I looked in it says :

1. worked
2. elaborated or embellished
3. not rough or crude
4. produced or shaped by beating with a hammer, as iron or silver articles

I think that a lot of people believe that 'wrought' simply means 'worked' as in #1 above.
However I feel that #2 comes into play when a lot of antique dealers elaborate or embellish the worth and history of the items they are tring to sell although the meaning above refers to workmanship.
Those are rough and crude as opposed to #3.
And yes, someone once did beat them with a hammer I reckon as in #4.

Just my thoughts.
I'm done thinkin now.

Mark <><

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