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Door Pulls and misc. hardware

jeremy k

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This is a couple door pulls I'm making. These are pictures of the start of them, they are 3/4" square bar 12" long to start with. The center is chiseled and twisted, then the spade shape is formed on the ends, then the taper from the twist to the spade is done, for a total length of 17-1/2" in length. Collars will be made for the ends of the twists, and this is were the stand offs will be for the attachment of the mounting plates ( they will also have the spade shape on the ends when finished). I will post more progress, as they proceed. - JK

Also, a picture of the play house this hardware is going on.




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nice point john.... they look beautiful jk - i love the ends and the fact of the taper rather than just twist - theyre great! show us what you do with them.... :)
ps met your friend fat pete last night with his wife as they are over here quite near us, really nice people, and a very laughing man - a good laugh on him! but i have to reveal everyone, not at all fat! not at ALL!?

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John - You're definately correct, on the opposite twists if they were to be mounted on the same side. These will be on the opposite sides of the door from each other.

Beth - That's great, I knew he was going across the pond this fall. I'm glad you were able to meet him, - Yes he is a good boy full of laughs :D .

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Here are some more pictures of the door pulls and the window latches I had to custom make for a weird window arrangement ( windows hinge at the top with little room on frames to mount latches/handles). I forged the mounts for the window latchs "after" i slide it through the hinge, that made for some fun. I will be replacing the door hingles that are miss matched that they bought before talking to me, they like my stuff a bit better than the hinges they found and installed on the door.






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Here is a picture of the play house all the hardware is on, along with the offset outer window hinges. This whole play house is not square as you can see - it was a build as they went deal with no print and is suppose to be made asscue. The door handle ends match match the king post bottom (per owners request). What's next? - door latch/lock, rivet heads for the door, curtain rods, and other misc. items.




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naz - me too - how mellow is that house - i would love to move right in therre..

jk the work looks GREAT! it is very fitting on that wow litle cabin, what a sweet job to dresss that all up. youve done beautifully as usual. that door handle is so cool... :)

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I have started making a slide bolt (5/8" round stock) for the outside of the door so they can use a large padlock they bought elsewhere to lock the door from the outside. Here are a few pics of the start of that bolt. The bolt will be able to be locked open or closed. Locked open will prevent someone from locking it with someone "inside" the play house. - JK






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